Toxic Note #3 “Challenge”

So as I haven’t been writing here for a little while, I have some news to share with the world.

A month ago, in desperate search for motivation and new ideas, I was watching all YouTube TED talks about finding your dream job, your passions, your why to live and many other “your”s – ego-centric talk, you see. I have been religiously answering all the speakers’ questions about who I am, who I am living for, what I want to achieve, etc. and then staring at my answers waiting for the enlightenment…that never happened.

One important thing I have learned is that, as social animals, we all need to feel like we are helping others in some way, like our existence is beneficial to the society. And without that social component we feel alienated and lost. Hmm never thought people who put incomes and lives of thousands of others at risk for profit are actually deeply concerned with anybody else’s wellbeing but let’s just assume for a moment that they are swimming in their mansions’ pools greatly dissatisfied with life.

Another thing I have heard a million times already in my search is that success defined by society’s criteria does not actually make people happy. Endless managers and big corporations’ bosses speak about their dissatisfaction with the jobs they were doing, the cluttering of their lives with excessive possessions that never filled the gaps, you name it.

The wheel of samsara

Buddhist thinking actually has a very interesting notion of the Six Realms of conditioned existence, or samsara, one of which is called Preta-gati, the realm of Hungry Ghosts. The ghosts are pictured with big empty stomachs but tiny mouths with long necks that prevent them from consuming or swallowing food. They are said to have constant unquenchable hunger and craving. Obsessed and compulsive, they keep looking for new things that could satisfy their endless cravings, but they can never have enough.

hungry_ghost_1I find that since it is much easier to satisfy ones desires these days, people have turned into these Hungry Ghosts, addicted to possession and obsessed with consuming. This is one of the reasons why minimalism, for example, is trending today in the developed world. Because we cannot stop. And our “realm” is not a fun one to exist in, we want to get out, but can we really stop wanting stuff? Isn’t our life all about what we want next? We don’t have the time to enjoy what we do or have right now because our minds are already floating around something we want next.

I was sitting next to a group of university kids one day in a park. They ordered a huge portion of mouth-watering ice-cream and barely managed to place it on their table as they started taking pictures of it. The ice-cream melted while they were snapchatting and instagramming, and by the time they actually started eating it, they were already discussing where they would go to have coffee after. They say women are never satisfied, well, we are all never-satisfied.

So if a job that brings us money and prestige can’t always make us happy, then what kind of job can? I stumbled across the talk by Scott Dinsmore, who was talking about the mind-blowing numbers of people unsatisfied with their jobs. You can check out his talk here

Impressed by the statistics, I have gone further to learn about his business and Live You Legend company that he started to help others find and work their dream jobs. He has a number of useful free resources too, which I took advantage of to make a little plan for a week, a month, a year, a life time… I shall be posting the updates on how it is working/not working for me in this blog. But for now, I have joined his Start-A-Blog Challenge. It’s free, it’s motivating. Every day I will be writing a post here on a certain topic given in the daily email from Live Your Legend.

Here is the link to the challenge if you would like to join me in this, we can be partners in crime for the next week…next month…next year? Lets’s start the experiment! 

Toxic Note #3 “Challenge”

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